How are consultants working hours?

Educational and sales consultants of Pars Pendar Nahad Holdings are available from 8:30 to 20:30 on weekdays and holidays from 9:00 to 19:00.

After working hours, you can also contact your advisors via mobile phones.

How are consultants working hours?

Address Zip Code Telephone
Isfahan Office SaadatAbad St, Esfahan, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of IR 8168653574 031-910-09701
Tehran Office Valiasr
No.1574, Arte Design building, between Pesian and Zafaranieh intersections, Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran
1986965811 021-43000071
Canada Office 2411Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver
200 & 211 +16049732181
Fanpardazan 14 St, Fribourg St, Esfahan, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of IR 8168653573 031-91009001
Tehran Office Shahrak Gharb
No.4, Tohid 3 Intersection, Moj St., Darya Blvd, Tehran, Iran
1466968453 021-91003558

Account number and bank cards

You can deposit funds from (sales terminals or POS), ATM or online to the following accounts:

Mellat Bank: Account No. 4890290830, Card Number 6104337405254242, Shaba Number IR410120000000004890290830
Tose.e Ta,avon Bank: Account No. 141411140623941, Card No. 5029087000550478, Shaba Number IR110220141401114062394001
Refah Kargaran bank: Account number 302194940, Card number 5894637000112075, Shaba number IR090130100000000302194940
Refah Pasargad bank: Account number 1301.110.14543666.1, Card number 5022297000167515, Shaba number IR460570130111014543666001

Is it possible to pay abroad?

Yes. You can use SWIFT or transfer card to card through the account numbers below:

What is the credential of the obtained document?

All institutions under the Pars Pendar Nahad Holdings are licensed to the relevant institution and also have a registration certificate on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Documents are generally available for official translation from the judiciary.