• Iran’s top event coordinator for high-profile national and international conferences featuring renowned speakers
  • Iran’s most experienced entrepreneurs will offer advice on how to work more efficiently with greater focus

Some of our constituent companies

Pars Pendar Nahad has established facts to be the leading firm across all business fields in as much as the performant constituent companies are on its resume. In the following, you can see some of the outstanding businesses we’ve run.



A consortium for evaluation and validation of companies

Pars Pendar Nahad virtual training

Pars Virtual Learning

Iran’s first virtual education institution offering valid certificates



Real estate sales source in Isfahan

Fan Pardazan

Fan Pardazan

Azad Higher Education Institute under the direct supervision of Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology


Safar Doostan

Safardoostan travel agency, Domestic and foreign tours

Entrepreneur and Management National Assembly

Entrepreneur and Management National Assembly

Appreciating great people, including Entrepreneurs and Managers

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