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Pars Pendar Nahad holding is a provider of all educational, skill, and business consulting services with a decent quality and in accordance with the latest method. Being the first branding of education, consulting, business, content production, virtual education, e-learning, and research throughout the country was one of the goals that we had in mind and tried to reach it on a daily basis.

We are taking a much longer step and looking at the international community. Holdings Pars is the first brand to provide educational services to the international community. It is interesting to know that all documents issued by our sub brands are approved by the WES organization of Canada and the United States.

Pars Pendar Nahad holding was established in 2008 by Dr. Macan Aria Parsa, with focus on education, research, business consulting and arbitration, and the national number 38290 in Isfahan.

The purpose of the establishment of this set of the above services has been in the form of an idea-based scheme of information and has always tried to provide special services to VIP and VVIP individuals.

Pars Pendar Nahad holding has introduced various services and brands to the country during its activities, which you can see in the brochure of the company.


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We have a mission for ourselves

  • Training and upgrading the human resource knowledge of organizations and improving performance
  • Entering new areas of science and technology, membership in international assemblies
  • Creating opportunities for young forces and job creation at the country level
  • Income generation and Currency entry to the country for boosting the country’s business and improving the recession

Business Partners

Quality is no coincidence, and we have chosen the most reliable business partners for validation in order to have the highest level of quality in each field of our services.

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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our greatest goal, and so we have been able to register specialists in every field in our work.

Credits and licenses

Credits and licenses represent the amount of credit and guarantee of the statements of each company.

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