Who is Pars Pars Pendar Nahad International Group?

Pars virtual education was established in 2009 by Dr.Macan AriaParsa, a prominent entrepreneur and manager. The institution is registered under No. 4134 and operates under the direct supervision of Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, intending to provide virtual learning opportunities to the students.

The Pars institution aims to offer the above-mentioned services in the form of idea-oriented plans and has always tried to provide special services.

Over the years, Pars Pendar Nahad International Group has introduced various services and brands.

Pars Pendar Nahad International Group is committed to meeting the vast educational, skill-based, and business consulting needs of individuals and organizations. They aim to access to the latest methods and solutions to help individuals achieve through the best qualifications and the latest methods.

Pars vision has been becoming a popular brand offering educational services, business consulting, content production, virtual learning, and research; they, as a result, strive to achieve it day to day.


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We have a mission for ourselves

  • The holder of the certificate from Esfahan Technical and Vocational Training Organization
  • A member of the Online Shops’ Trade Association
  • The holder of the certificate from the Computer Trade Association of Iran
  • The holder of the Research and development certificate from the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade

Business Partners

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. In order to present high-level quality services, we have carefully chosen our most reliable business partners using strong validation. You can find a list of our business partners by clicking on the link below:
Our business partners

Customer Satisfaction

Pars Pendar Nahad primary objective is to ensure customer satisfaction. We have assembled a team of professionals in various fields. Click on the link below to read some of the feedback provided by our valued customers.

Credentials and Licenses

One way to assess a company’s reliability and trustworthiness is to check its licenses and credentials. In order to transparency, we had made ours available for public viewing. You can access them through the following link:

Our Professional Licenses & Credentials